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5 Huge Benefits Of Commercial Window Cleaning

Windows speak volumes about an office. If the windows are clean, it exudes positivity about the office— the workforce is probably healthy, motivated, and has a sense of belonging. But having clean windows in a commercial setting isn’t easy to achieve. Hiring a commercial window cleaning service is the surefire way to have clean windows that improve the air quality of an office.

And the good news is: having clean windows has many more benefits than just clean air. Below are five benefits of commercial window cleaning.

Enhances Good Health

While windows make our commercial spaces comfortable and energy efficient, the windowsills can attract dirt and debris, which easily contaminate your office air. Some of the allergens that can be trapped by a dirty window and make people sick include dust, hair, and pollen. Commercial window cleaning can help eliminate these allergens from your office air and protect your employees and clients from health issues such as itchy eyes, fatigue, and sneezing, to name a few.

Dirty windows are also conducive nest-building spots for harmful insects like wasps and spiders. These insects build webs to trap flies and insects that stick around dirty windows. When these insects take over your commercial windows, they can be health hazards. For instance, when wasps feel disturbed, they can sting your employees, which can cause health complications.

Cleaning your office windows improves indoor air quality, positively affecting people’s health. A clean window lets in fresh air, preventing mold growth and chemical exposure. It also keeps away harmful insects that thrive in the dirt. The result is a safe and healthy workplace for workers and clients.

Boost Productivity

Besides being exhausting, window cleaning takes a lot of time. When employees clean windows, it eats into their working time. Besides, they use most of the energy they would otherwise spend working on their primary duties, hurting their productivity. Commercial window cleaning services, on the other hand, will do the job faster and more efficiently, letting your workforce focus on the tasks they are trained to do.

Clean windows also mean you have a healthy and motivated workforce. When employees are healthy, the number of sick days reduces significantly, ensuring they stay on their jobs longer and perform optimally for most of the year. This helps to boost productivity in the long run.

Ensures Safety

Commercial window cleaners are well-trained and have the right window cleaning tools to do the job safely. Since most commercial buildings are high rising, it can be risky to clean the windows without the proper gear. Some safety equipment used by residential and commercial cleaning services includes ground-based lifts or roof-based suspension systems, which can be expensive for most companies.

Windows are also a source of security. But they may get damaged without knowing from time to time, leaving the room occupants susceptible to break-ins. Regular residential and commercial cleaning will help uncover windows that need repairs or replacement for improved security. In addition, commercial window cleaners will help discover hard-to-shut windows and notify you to address them promptly to ensure they function correctly in case of emergencies.

Make An Impression

There’s only one chance to make a lasting impression, and clean windows are the best way to impress the first time. The first thing clients notice about an office is the windows. If the windows are clean, they project a good image of the business and show the firm is committed to its employees and clients. And when professionals at Bailey Boys commercial window cleaning does the job, your office is guaranteed to make an even greater first impression with sparkling clean windows.

Protects And Maintains Your Building

When left to build up, dirt and other unwanted deposits can affect the quality of your glass windows, making them look unattractive and susceptible to cracking. Commercial window cleaning will remove these contaminants and ensure your window frames and seals are working well. These professionals can also quickly notice and recommend repairs and any issues that need to be addressed to protect the window from further damage.

Given that most commercial buildings are leased, proper cleaning and maintenance are a requirement. This is better for optimal business operation and helps owners meet lease requirements.

How much does it cost to hire commercial window cleaning services?

Commercial window cleaning prices vary depending on the type and size of the building, its location, and the number of windows. Typically, commercial window cleaning companies calculate the cost per square foot, with prices starting at $100 per 1000 square feet.

Other companies choose to charge window cleaning per window. For most companies, commercial window cleaning prices start at $10 per window. However, expect to pay more at $15 per window if you have high windows.

While the cost of commercial window cleaning may seem high compared to doing it yourself, there’s no doubt why you should hire these professionals. Their work speaks for itself; you’ll have sparkling clean windows and an energy-efficient office. Besides, the work is done promptly, allowing workers more time to concentrate on their jobs, and most importantly, the building gets regular maintenance in the process, making it last longer.

Looking for professional window cleaning services?

Having healthy, clean, and quality indoor air starts with a clean window. Why not let the expert handle your commercial window cleaning needs? At Bailey Boys commercial window cleaning, we offer the best window cleaning services for all types of windows and different building designs. Quality is our middle name, so we’re committed to providing service of the most exceptional quality. Call us today for professional window cleaning services that you’ll love!



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