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Is It Okay To Get House Washing Services During Fall? + 5 Benefits Of House Washing

The Sacramento seasons are preparing to change. It’s almost time to trade beach blankets and flip-flops for jack-o-lanterns and holiday lights. Homeowners want to get their abodes into tip-top holiday shape. They may wonder if it’s okay to get house washing services in the fall. Before swapping out seasons, learn the benefits of house washing in the fall and which services to get done.


Grease and grime build up on walkway surfaces. These pose slip-and-fall risks to holiday visitors and guests. With extra foot traffic in and out of a home during the holidays, ensure a safe environment. 

Mold and mildew build up on exterior surfaces during the spring and summer months. Left unchecked, the growth risks extend into the interior of the home. This could have a direct impact on the health of the occupants.

Additionally, pressure washing services are safer for employees in the fall. Temperatures are more moderate before winter. Workers perform a better job when they aren’t at risk of freezing. Cold water and cold temperatures make it hard for fingers and joints to bend. Safety risks increase when ladders and equipment are hard to handle in cold weather. 

House washing equipment operates better in the fall than in the winter months. Power washing pumps experience issues once temperatures drop below 40°.


Fall is the perfect time to blast away algae, mold, and grime that took a foothold during the summer months. House washing in the fall guarantees stains won’t set in during winter. Wet leaves left to decompose on walkways and gutters attract unwanted pests. It’s prudent to clean up these bug havens to prevent infestation. 

Pressure washing also pummels pollen and dirt collected from trees and summer activities. It’s incredible to see the sparkle and shine return to a home once the outer layers of summer dirt wash away. A little job now prevents a challenging job in the spring once stains get the opportunity to set in.


Summer damage from leaning ladders or foul balls often hides in hidden areas or underneath dirt. A homeowner may not detect scuffs or dents if they are concealed. Damaged siding also allows cold winter air to enter the home. This reduces comfort and raises utility bills.

Catching minor flaws in the fall gives the homeowner a head start on repairs. Often, contractors and handymen are busiest in the spring months. Get the jump by recognizing a repair need and scheduling ahead of the crowd.


A homeowner certainly doesn’t want their home’s image to scream “Halloween!” during December. Algae, mold, and mildew aren’t exactly welcoming holiday hosts. The holiday season is busy enough without adding a major outdoor chore to the list. 

Plus, a pressure washing service will expose any faded home sections due to UV ray damage. After a professional power washing, the home is ready for fresh paint, seasonal decorations, and holiday lights.


It’s a rewarding feeling to conquer a major chore. House washing in the fall ensures the home is clean and tidy on the outside. It is now ready for the onslaught of another four seasons.



Windows are the soul of a home. They are one of the first features that are noticed. An unbelievable amount of dirt and grime accumulate in just one year. Professional window cleaning extends the life and appeal of windows by removing contaminants. Trapped debris encourages mold and mildew growth that cause stains and damage. Regular window cleaning increases natural interior light flow. This gives the appearance of larger rooms while preserving window life.


A major benefit of Sacramento living is enjoying outdoor living spaces. Fall and winter bring a welcome respite from the heat. Make sure your deck and patio are ready and debris-free. There’s nothing worse than a spontaneous outdoor gathering met with grimy seat cushions and mold-stained decking. Not only is it embarrassing, but it can also be a safety hazard.

Leaves aren’t the only outdoor worry. Homeowners need to eliminate mildew and mold that permeate wood and concrete surfaces during winter. Speaking of surface preservation, when was the last time the deck got a resealing? Make an easier job of it by having the deck and railings pressure-washed first. A few coats of sealer go on fast and easy once the prep work finishes.


A roof is the home’s first line of defense against the elements. It’s also the first surface of the house that collects leaves, twigs, and other debris. A lot of moisture traps when this litter collects unchecked. This leads to unsightly stains and worse. Mold and mildew growth will also decay roof shingles. A thorough cleaning in the fall will eliminate leaks and damage from roof debris.


Many homeowners take advantage of cooler weather to paint their houses. Fall is perfect weather for this task. But it makes no sense to paint over a dirty, chipping exterior wall surface. A poorly prepared wall reduces the paint’s ability to adhere. Since house painting is not a cheap endeavor, make sure your surfaces are ready in advance. Power washing can safely clean concrete, brick, wood, aluminum, and vinyl when performed by professionals. 


Gutters frequently go unnoticed until there’s a problem. Prevent a build-up that can lead to a clog by cleaning gutters in the fall. The milder weather allows more debris removal before a wet winter leads to leaf decay. A pressure washing service that offers gutter cleaning does a better job than one done by hand. For one thing, more litter removes with pressure washing. For another, any stains lift without damage by the pressure washing spray.


Home siding does wonders for a home’s external aesthetics. Power washing services maintain that “just painted” look by preventing build-up and removing unsightly stains—years of dirt, dust, pollen, and more wash away with each sweep of the wand. Professional cleaning prolongs siding life. It also removes the risk of damage caused by inexperienced operators.


The change of seasons is welcome until fallen leaves collect on drives and walkways. What appears seasonal in a landscape looks messy and unkept on concrete surfaces. Scattered, wet leaves also increase fall risks with slippery surfaces. Remove leaves, grime, and dirt accumulated during the year. Fall is the perfect time to spruce up the grounds with clean walkway surfaces. And a professional pressure washing service is the right call to get it done.


Get a head start on your holiday preparations by calling the professionals at Bailey Boys Services. Our services include anything you need to get your home’s exterior safely and professionally cleaned. We’ll leave your home sparkling even before you add the holiday lights. Click here for a free quote. Save time and money with our power washing services!



Bailey Boys Services of Sacramento is a family owned and operated company with a commitment to providing service of the most exceptional quality, and we are always accepting new clients. Give us a call at (916) 863-1939 to start discussing what we can do for you!



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