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How Often Do I Need Commercial Window Cleaning Services?

A clean commercial window speaks volumes of a business owner’s attention to detail and reflects how well a business prioritizes cleanliness and the opinion of its customers. This means that commercial window cleaning is a must for every business today.

However, it’s sometimes hard to determine when the windows need more attention, and the recommended length between cleanings depends on a variety of factors. Most importantly, it depends on the business’s industry.

In this article, we will discuss how often commercial windows need cleaning and what types of businesses need more frequent commercial window cleaning than others.

Factors to Consider when Calling Professional Window Cleaners

No two windows get dirty at the same exact rate; their cleanliness is affected by a world of factors. Here are the ones worthy of every business owner’s attention when calling professional window cleaners:


The location of the windows matters more than you may think when it comes to the required frequency of cleaning for a few different reasons.

Windows that are near locations with high foot traffic are more susceptible to accumulating a layer of grime. Foot traffic kicks up a lot of dust and debris into the air, which can then collect onto your window, consolidating over time with neglect. If the window is low in a high traffic area, the susceptibility to dust and debris increases significantly. Lower windows are also vulnerable to other sources of grime, like puddle splashes, which means they require more frequent cleaning.

If your shop is near any building projects or any streets, this will also cause your windows to get dirtier faster. Construction work and roads tend to be hotbeds of dirt and debris; the closer a window is to any construction site or busy street, the more cleaning becomes necessary.

Lastly, windows that are closer to plant life will require more frequent cleaning due to the presence of pollen, flying leaves, and even wildlife.

Weather Conditions

Sacramento, CA enjoys a combination of warm summers and mild, damp winters. While the weather conditions make for lovely summer cocktail parties, the humidity brought about by the city’s weather causes dust buildup during the summer and ice dams in winter.

Dust and stains are some of the most common pain points for any business owner trying to keep their windows clean, and these are perils regardless of where a business’s windows are in Sacramento!

Number of Customers

Some establishments receive more customers than others. For establishments that get a regular stream of customers or patrons, window cleaning needs to be more frequent.

As mentioned earlier, more foot traffic produces debris that collects on windows, and there will also be a higher probability of patrons touching and smudging your windows, intentionally or not. This is why a restaurant or coffee shop requires more frequent commercial window cleaning than a dental clinic.

Plans to Market a Commercial Space to Realtors, Tenants, or Buyers

Customers aren’t always people that you’re selling goods and services to; they can also be realtors, potential tenants, or potential buyers of your property.

An interested tenant, buyer, or realtor can show up at any time to inquire about the space. When they arrive, a dirty building can be off-putting. They often seek spaces with plenty of natural light; dirty windows can dim the incoming light, thus dimming the otherwise positive impression you may have otherwise left on them. We understand that you likely want nothing more than to close a sale or agreement; if you’re looking to lease out a commercial space, you need to leverage everything that adds curb appeal. Regular commercial window cleaning achieves this.

To stay appealing to interested parties, the windows need to remain in pristine condition — preferably all of the time. This makes you ready to leave a lasting positive impression, regardless of when an interested tenant or realtor shows up.

Windows damaged from neglect can also decrease the market value of a commercial space. To receive top-dollar for your property investment, you should hire professional window cleaners frequently.

The Type of Business

The last but surely not the least impactful factor influencing window cleanliness is the type of the business.

Businesses in certain industries will require windows to be clean for aesthetic purposes, like beauty salons, clinics, and car dealerships. These establishments require more frequent window cleaning to maintain a clean, hygienic, and “new” feeling for the business.

Businesses that wish to offer customers a modicum of privacy, on the other hand, do not need to have their windows cleaned as often. Such businesses include tattoo parlors, barbershops, and banks, among others.

In short, different types of businesses will require commercial window cleaning services at different frequencies. But how often should windows be cleaned in your line of work?

Commercial Window Cleaning Frequency by Business Type

Depending on the type of business, window cleaning may or may not be frequent. Here are some examples of how often certain types of businesses will need window cleaning.

Healthcare and Healthcare-Related Facilities: Twice per Month

Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical supply stores, and more all fall under the wider umbrella of healthcare facilities. These require window cleaning twice per month due to frequent foot traffic from patients and healthcare workers and for hygienic purposes; after all, nobody in Sacramento would trust a healthcare facility with grimy windows.

Food Service: Monthly, if not Every Two Weeks

Food service establishments also must have hygiene as their top priority. This isn’t just to prevent germs from getting into the food, but for marketing purposes as well. For establishments like coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes, an image of cleanliness is key to promoting customer trust. Food and beverage establishments also experience a lot of traffic. This makes cleaning windows necessary not just externally, but internally, too.

Retail Establishments: Monthly, Depending on Staff Responsibilities

Retail establishments, like clothing stores, experience a lot of foot traffic. More importantly, this traffic takes place on both sides of their windows. This makes window cleaning a must from both the inside and the outside.

Retail establishments also need to keep windows clean for advertising purposes. A clean window allows customers from outside to see the products on sale.

Because of this, we recommend hiring commercial window cleaning services every two weeks; however, retail establishments occasionally delegate window cleaning duties to staff. If this is the case, commercial window cleaning services can be brought in monthly instead.

Offices: Monthly or Every Two Months

Offices, for the most part, don’t get too much foot traffic aside from the employees. Many office buildings in Sacramento, CA have housekeeping departments in charge of window cleaning. This is why offices won’t require commercial window cleaning as often as other businesses on this list.

Give Us a Call for Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Whatever field you’re in, a window of opportunity comes with every customer who sees your clean windows. If you’re looking to cash in on a positive first impression, get professional commercial window cleaning. Our professional window cleaners can be at your doorstep to spruce up your business — all it takes is a call.

Call us now for residential and commercial window cleaning services that will take your windows from grime to prime!



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