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How Often Should You Get Upholstery Cleaning Services? 2022

In most homes, there are many furniture pieces that are upholstered. These are comfortable items to spend time on and are a great way to decorate a home. Many people have these pieces in their bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces. Upholstered pieces are sturdy and great for getting regular use. However, with all that use, they can get dirty over time. That’s when upholstery cleaning services are needed to get them cleaner and more sanitary.  

Regular Cleaning for Upholstery 

Everyone has a comfortable couch in their home that they love to spend time on. They often have upholstered chairs, ottomans, and other items that also feature upholstery. These items are used daily, but how often do they get cleaned? If they aren’t being cleaned regularly, they aren’t really clean. In many households, they get only spot cleaning, which doesn’t generally happen regularly.  

For upholstered items, deep cleaning is needed, including professional couch cleaning. When you use upholstered furniture, you can get body oils on it, things are spilled, allergens seep inside, and other dirt and debris get into the furniture. If you aren’t sure when your furniture last had upholstery cleaning services, it’s likely been too long. Professional couch cleaning and other upholstery cleanings should be done every one to two years, depending on how often you use the furniture. Couches are often the workhorses that get the most use out of all the furniture in the home. This usually means they need a professional cleaning every year.  

Why Professional Cleaning? 

The spot cleaning that most people do to their upholstered pieces helps get surface stains off those items, but that’s about all. It doesn’t provide the deep-down cleaning needed to eliminate many of the contaminants that get into this furniture. The many contaminants that build up in upholstery can cause illnesses when the bacteria spread. They can also cause allergic reactions because of the many allergens that can get trapped inside the fabric.  

When you do spot cleaning, it can help with how the surface looks, but it can’t clean the inside. Surface cleaning is essential, as it preserves the way the outside of the upholstery looks, and it washes away that surface dirt. However, it’s no substitution for professional upholstery cleaning services. Cleaning the surface every few weeks and getting a professional cleaning every year can leave your furniture looking great and germ-free. It may need to be cleaned more often, however, if the furniture has an odor or the use of the piece is especially heavy. 

Items may also need cleanings more often if it gets much use by kids or pets.

Professional cleaning is also necessary because companies that offer upholstery cleaning services understand the cleaning products and methods needed for different fabrics. Their cleaning services are tailored to your type of upholstery for the best results. 

Dirty Furniture Can Be a Health Hazard 

The couch can easily be the dirtiest item in a home. While you often clean floors, countertops, toilets, and fixtures, the couch rarely gets a cleaning. And when it does, it’s usually just a little spot-cleaning. The larger size of upholstered furniture also means that these pieces gather a lot of household dust. 

Once the upholstery is full of dirt and dust, it becomes full of contaminants that can cause health problems. Think about how often you sit on a couch and how close you are to it. Now, imagine that just below the surface are contaminants that can make you sick. It’s soon apparent how important it is to get professional couch cleaning and a deep clean. When you sit on a dirty upholstered piece, you get that dust, dirt, and germs on you. 

Make Furniture Last Longer 

When an upholstered item is spot cleaned occasionally and professionally cleaned on a regular schedule, it can extend the life of your furniture. A lot of dirt, oil, and grime in and on the furniture can cause the piece to wear down more quickly. Dirt and debris can cause the upholstery fibers to get worn out from friction. Various oils that get on the surface can also break down the material. Most people have invested a significant amount in their furniture, and it needs to last as long as possible to prevent the expense of replacing it.  

Call for Your Upholstery Deep Cleaning 

To get upholstery cleaning near me, call Bailey Boys for the thorough cleaning you need for your furniture. Upholstery cleaning services are for the good of your furniture as well as the health of your household. 



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