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How To Clean Ceiling Fan Blades in 3 Easy Steps

While an air conditioning unit can keep temperatures at optimal levels, ceiling fan blades create a different kind of breeze that replicates nature’s pleasant, refreshing, and prolonged gusts of wind. 

However, when uncleaned, they tend to collect small particles of dust and pollen. There’s also a possibility of sticky buildup depending on the ceiling fan’s location. No homeowner wants a dusty or sticky ceiling fan that can cause allergies and lung issues. A dusty ceiling fan can also be faulty and malfunction due to the thick layers of grease and dirt accumulating on the ceiling fan blades. 

This is why homeowners need to learn how to clean their fans. Here are several methods, tips, and tricks to know when you’re planning to clean your ceiling fan blades. 

Tools Needed

To make cleaning easier and to avoid making a mess in the process, it’s important to have the right fan cleaner tools. 

The first thing you’ll need is a ladder or step stool. You’ll need this to reach the ceiling fan blades and clean them thoroughly. Make sure you purchase a ladder high enough to reach your ceiling. 

You’ll also need a mild all-purpose cleaner for the job. You can use other cleaners, but a mild one is recommended since you might inhale the remaining fumes of the chemicals after cleaning. 

A microfiber cloth is necessary for wiping down the ceiling fan blades gently without leaving any particles. Using a cotton towel is not advisable due to the residue it leaves behind. A bowl of warm soapy water will also come in handy in washing down stubborn grease from your ceiling fan blades. 

You may need a can of compressed air for the motor of your ceiling fan and other unreachable areas covered in dust. 

Finally, an old pillowcase is handy for the job. If you don’t know this trick yet, this one is a life-changer you’ll want to incorporate into your cleaning routine. 

Cleaning Ceiling Fan Blades in 3 Steps

You can perform this task alone in three easy steps.

Cover Your Furniture

Cleaning your ceiling fan blades will involve dirt falling everywhere and dust scattered in the air. Thus, it’s crucial to cover pieces of furniture with old sheets or perhaps a drop cloth. To ensure that dirt and dust doesn’t fall on your furniture, cover the area twice as wide as the ceiling fan’s width. 

After completing this step, prepare your ladder and position it where you can see the topmost portion of the ceiling fan blades. Then, remove the light globes from the ceiling fan gently and carefully. 

Dust Your Ceiling Fan Blades and Light Globes

There are several ways to dust ceiling fans, and here are some of them:

The Pillowcase Method

If you’re planning to go for this technique, you won’t even have to cover your furniture.

First, get an old pillowcase, and spray the inside with a mild cleaner. Ensure that the pillowcase is wet enough to remove the dust and grease from the ceiling fan blades. Some homeowners prefer mixing equal parts of water and vinegar instead of using chemicals.  

Next, slip your pillowcase carefully onto one of the blades. Gently wipe back and forth and trap all the dust and dirt within the pillowcase. Repeat this step with all the remaining ceiling fan blades. If you notice any remaining grease buildup, finish it off with a microfiber cloth. You can do the same process when cleaning the light globes. When done with dusting, go outside and turn the pillowcase inside out while shaking the dust off. Then, wash the pillowcase for future use. 

Using Brushes 

You may also use a long-handled and U-shaped brush to clean all sides of the blades simultaneously. You can purchase brushes like this at hardware stores. All you have to do is brush all portions of the blade until all dust and dirt are removed.

The Duster Method

A simple method for everyday cleaning is using a duster for loose dust on your ceiling fan blades. You’ll need a wide sheet to catch dust and an extendable duster to clean all ceiling fan parts. Dust the top of the fan all the way to the motor, leaving no part undusted. Do the same for the bottom of the blades. 

Final Touches 

With a dry microfiber cloth, wipe off excess chemical solutions or wetness on your ceiling fan blades. You can also wipe down your ceiling fan’s motor and pull chain. Since the motor housing may have dust trapped inside, use compressed air to remove it. 

Once you’re done adding final touches, turn on your ceiling fan and check whether the ceiling fan blades are rotating in the correct direction. Most of the time, fan blades run counter-clockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter.

Tips for Preventing Dust Buildup 

Cleaning ceiling fan blades can be tiring and time-consuming. Luckily, there are ways to prevent dust accumulation on your ceiling fan blades.

Use Furniture Polish

Aside from keeping your furniture more long-lasting and vibrant, furniture polish can keep dust off ceiling fan blades by creating a slippery surface. The slippery surface can prevent dust from accumulating on the blades. This makes cleaning easier for you as well. 

Car Wax as an Alternative

Car wax is a good alternative if you don’t own furniture polish. Car wax creates a silky surface that prevents dust buildup. You can wipe some car wax on your ceiling fan blades with baby wipes to evenly distribute the paste. 

Try a Dust Repellent Spray

You can purchase this at a hardware store, but you can also create your own formula. Just mix four parts of water with one part fabric softener. Wipe the formula thoroughly on the ceiling fan blades and dry with a clean cloth.

How To Clean A Fan With Ease (& Help!)

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