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Guide To Keeping Your Professionally Cleaned Carpets Spotless

You just had your carpets professionally cleaned. Now, you’re thinking of ways to maintain its cleanliness. Check out the maintenance tips below to keep your carpet in the best condition possible.

Wait for the Carpet To Dry

Your carpet is a little bit wet after getting cleaned. You may wonder if you can lay it on the floor and put back the furniture originally placed on it. While having your carpet professionally cleaned has its benefits, waiting for it to dry can be a chore. It’s recommended to wait until the carpet is completely dry before walking or placing fixtures on it. Damp carpets are a haven for mold, so it’s crucial to let the carpet dry before using it. 

How long does it take carpet to dry after cleaning? The answer largely depends on the method of cleaning used. The two most common methods are dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Dry cleaning uses dry cleaning compounds mixed with a small volume of liquid to clean your carpet. This method produces less moisture in contrast to other carpet cleaning techniques. The drying time is usually very short.

Waiting times could be a lot longer when it comes to steam cleaning. Although most of the water used evaporates during steam cleaning, condensation will still leave your carpet slightly wet afterwards. It usually takes more than three hours before the carpet completely dries. The drying period can be reduced or extended depending on various factors such as carpet material and humidity. 

A useful tip for expediting carpet drying time would be opening your doors and windows to facilitate air flow. You can also use a stand fan to speed up the drying process.

Clean the Spills Immediately Before Stains Can Set In

The first thing to do when something is spilled on your carpet is to clean it immediately. The faster you react, the better your chances of cleaning the spill without leaving any stains. 

Use an absorbent cloth and blot the area where the drink was spilled. Work your way from the outside to the inside to avoid making the stain bigger than it already is. Apply clean warm water to the stained spot. Repeat until the stain is removed. If you’re lucky, your carpet may get away unscathed. Unfortunately, this will not always be the case; stains may still persist.

Don’t fret if stains remain on the carpet. Mix one cup of warm water with a quarter teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid and put the solution in a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto a cloth and dab it on the stained area of the carpet until it’s gone. 

Get another spray bottle, this time filled only with cold water. Spray cold water on another clean cloth and blot the area to rinse the carpet of the cleaning solution. Use dry cloth to blot the area again. Hopefully, the stain will be gone. If it remains, repeat the steps until the stain fades away. 

Regular Vacuum Cleaning

If you want to keep your carpet looking spick and span after getting professionally cleaned, one of the best ways to keep your carpet in pristine condition is by regularly vacuuming. Vacuuming is an important part of carpet maintenance. Regular vacuuming removes dust, dirt, and other unseen particles. 

Did you know that dirt can damage your carpet’s fiber if it’s left uncleaned for a long period of time? Since vacuuming also cleans your carpet from particles that’s seldom seen by the eyes, it’s also removing allergens that can cause respiratory problems in the process. Now that’s hitting two birds in one stone!

You should also keep in mind that after having your carpet cleaned, there is still some dirt that may be left behind — especially dirt that’s been trapped deep in the fibers. Dirt may resurface once the carpet completely dries. Vacuuming it after cleaning is a good idea to ensure that your carpet remains clean and free from unseen flakes and dust until the next deep cleaning session.

Make vacuuming a regular part of your carpet maintenance. You might be tempted to vacuum only when it is visibly dirty, but it’s better to do it regularly to extend the life of your carpet. A carpet’s lifespan is anywhere from five to 15 years depending on factors such as material, wear and tear, and how well it has been maintained. Vacuuming will not only keep your carpet clean, it will also help make it last longer. 

Do Not Wear Your Shoes on the Carpet

Should you wear your shoes on the carpet? If you want to keep your professionally cleaned carpet free from dirt and bacteria, the answer is a resounding no. The sole of your shoes carry a lot of soil and dirt. If you don’t want to stain your carpet with mud or debris, it would be best to remove your shoes before walking on your carpet. 

Even if you think your shoes are clean, they still carry dust and particles that can eventually damage your carpet’s material. Some of the damage that may occur when you walk over your carpet with your shoes on are discoloration, stains, and carpet fiber damage.

Wearing your shoes on the carpet will also lead to dust accumulating and getting trapped deep into your carpet. However, you shouldn’t make it a habit to walk barefoot on your carpet either, especially after it’s professionally cleaned. This is because your feet may potentially leave oily residue that’s coming from the sole of your feet. Eventually, the oil residue can accumulate and give your carpet a dirty appearance. What you can do instead is wear socks or slippers that you don’t use outdoors. This way, you can protect your professionally cleaned carpet from dust and natural oil residue. 

Wrapping Up

These are just some ideas on how you can keep your carpet looking new and clean. If you’re in need of reliable professional carpet cleaning service, get in touch with Bailey Boys Services today!



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