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2 Pressure Washing Jobs To Complete Before Winter Arrives

With just weeks before the holidays, winter is on its way. There’s a lot to do as a homeowner – prep for the holidays, deep clean your home’s interior, and weatherproof your house, including finishing any pressure washing jobs or exterior house cleaning that needs to be done.

Taking the preventive steps of weatherproofing your house follows the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Simple things like putting covers on hose spigots or wrapping exposed pipes with heat tape can prevent expensive, time-wasting problems like burst pipes down the road, especially if an unexpected cold snap hits your area. 

A critical part of weatherproofing is ensuring your pressure washing jobs are complete before the wintery weather hits. Power washing those areas – or having a professional take care of them for you – will make them safer and longer-lasting. 

Reasons to Powerwash Your Driveway Before Winter Strikes

Reduce the risk of falling on ice

Think about all the things that get in your driveway throughout the year. You wash dirt, pollen, dust, and bird poo off your car onto the driveway. You rush from your car with the groceries, fast food bags, and whatever else you bring home, and some of that is bound to spill. If you DIY any of your car’s maintenance, you might even have oil or other fluids on your driveway.  

All that filth freezes throughout the winter, turning your driveway into a hazardous slip-and-slide and making it look awful. That’s the problem, so how can we fix it? Be sure to pressure-wash your driveway before the first frost! The mess will be removed, and any residual dirt won’t freeze. Protect yourself and your loved ones this winter with some preventative exterior house cleaning.

Make it Last Longer.

Your driveway will be less likely to exhibit wear and tear from the severe winter weather if you give it a good power cleaning just before the season begins. As previously noted, standing water tends to freeze during the winter months. The expansion of the freezing water causes the concrete to break. Small chips in your concrete will eventually become more prominent and more noticeable signs of deterioration. You may save a lot of money on concrete repair in the long run if you power wash your driveway before the winter. This will help prevent small chips from expanding into more significant gaps.

Mark an item off the Spring Cleaning List

Whether it’s getting the home in order for the warmer weather or just looking forward to the arrival of spring, there’s nothing quite like it. Power wash your driveway before winter hits to make the transition to spring easier. Cleaning your driveway before winter begins gives you a fresh slate, making spring clean-up quicker. 

Pump Up Your Curb Appeal

A clean driveway just looks better. As mentioned, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants can wreak havoc on your driveway. A quick pressure wash will clean your driveway, making your home look more inviting. No one wants to part on a dingy driveway! 

Why Deck Cleaning Is Important

Much like the reasons to give your driveway a thorough powerwash, the reasons for power washing your deck include preventing falls and extending the life of the wood. Before heavy winter precipitation makes a mess of your deck, remove furniture and other items into your garage, shed, or whatever storage solution is best for you. 

Use a power washer or hire a reputable power washing company to wash the dirt, leaves, and buildup from your deck. An outdoor cleaning solution will help treat the wood to prevent damage to the deck wood during the long, cold winter months. 

While this step is taking place, check for any signs of damage or rot to your deck. These can include raised nails, loose planks, and rotting boards. 

Hammering down popped nails and replacing old, cracked, and rotting wood can strengthen the deck and prevent additional damage. Repair flaking stain or sealant before the water enters the wood. This may require spot repairs now and a complete stain or seal in spring.

Spongy timber or damaged deck joists may need more extensive repairs or replacement. Replacing a plank or two will still be much less costly than requiring your entire deck to be repaired. 

Now Is The Time To Finish Those Pressure Washing Jobs

You should make sure your pressure washing jobs are complete before it gets too cold. Cold temperatures may harm pressure washers, put you in danger, and freeze surfaces. Thus, in winter, pressure wash your home in the afternoon.

Not everywhere gets below freezing, of course. You may be able to pressure wash your home without trouble in warmer climates, even in winter.

Some locations receive snow, others rain. Mind the weather reports before pressure washing your driveway or deck yourself. Pressure washing your home in light rain is usually safe. Pressure cleaning should be postponed if there is a thunderstorm or heavy wind.

It’s possible to get some good pressure washing done over the winter. This, however, is not always advised. Make sure you have all the essentials, including the correct gear and expertise, before you attempt a pressure wash on your home this winter.

A second option is to hire a company to come out and pressure wash your house before winter arrives. Bailey Boys Services has been your reliable power washing company in Sacramento and the surrounding area since 2005. Contact us here or at (916) 863-1939 for a free estimate. We are experts at power washing or other exterior house cleaning services, such as window cleaning, for your home. Enjoy peace of mind and one less thing to worry about in the spring! 



Bailey Boys Services of Sacramento is a family owned and operated company with a commitment to providing service of the most exceptional quality, and we are always accepting new clients. Give us a call at (916) 863-1939 to start discussing what we can do for you!



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