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4 Sacramento Cleaning Services You Should Leave To The Pro Cleaners

It’s tempting for people to tackle more chores themselves in this economy. While it’s possible to trade some time to save a dime, it’s not always the wisest choice. Safety, training, and equipment are reasons that make a call to the professionals a better option. Here are four commercial Sacramento cleaning services to leave to the pros.


Curb appeal is vital when selling or renting a home or business—removing mold, stains, and dirt from the exterior benefits the longevity of a building as well. There’s more to pressure washing than turning on a machine and spraying. Safety is a primary concern.

A pressure washer has the potential to blast 4,000 lbs of pressure psi. Assume the operator handles the power washer without injury. How much pressure needs to clean vinyl siding without ripping it from the building’s surface? Turns out, just under 300psi. Many DIYers find this out the hard way. Too much pressure will remove the top layer from a concrete drive or walkway. And brick separates from mortar as a result of too much pressure.

Assume pressure amounts are correct. What chemicals, ratios, and set times combine for an optimal clean? The two biggest benefits of using Sacramento cleaning services for your power washing are safety and time savings. An 8-hour job for an amateur completes in just one by a pro with the proper training and equipment. Leave the ladders and hose to the power washing pros. Hiring pro cleaners like Bailey Boys Services ensures clean, intact, attractive surfaces. The building owner stays dry and out of the emergency room. It’s a win-win! Click here for a pressure washing

quote today!


There’s a good reason why the phrase “I don’t do windows” came about. Cleaning windows is a labor and time-intensive chore. Dirty windows are very noticeable. They give the impression of a neglected or unkempt property. For those managing commercial properties, time is a hard-to-come-by commodity. It’s not worth giving up valuable time for streaky windows that don’t look like they’ve been cleaned in the first place.

Giving windows a streak-free shine inside and out is a learned skill. It looks easy when watching a commercial window cleaning in progress. They have the correct equipment, cleaning solutions, and training. Professional window washing solutions, like the ones used by Bailey Boys Services, don’t leave streaks. They also resist dirt and grime longer than over-the-counter products. Pro cleaners also know how and where to position ladders and equipment to prevent injury and damage. The size and location of commercial windows make cleaning especially tough. Tall buildings with hard-to-reach areas are a recipe for disaster for an untrained first-timer.

Bailey Boys commercial window cleaning services include exterior window cleaning and interior window cleaning. Click here for a Bailey Boys Services window cleaning quote today!


Listed among Sacramento cleaning services is gutter cleaning. And for a good reason! Dirty gutters cause a range of problems for commercial properties. No one puts gutter cleaning at the top of a “things-I-can’t-wait-to-do” list. But leaving gutters unchecked leads to many types of costly problems. For instance, clogged gutters prevent the flow of rainwater away from the structure. Instead of a controlled flow of water away from a building, clogged gutters lead rainwater to accumulate beside or even in a building.

Eroded foundations are common in areas with heavy rains and clogged gutters. The rainwater flows to the side of the building. It finds its way between the ground and the foundation and will erode the soil. Flooded basements frequently happen for the same reason. Clogged gutters prevent rainwater from flowing away from the property. Since water will flow downward, it will find its way below the surface to the basement. Once there, mold and mildew find a permanent home.

Blocked gutters destroy buildings in other ways. Rainwater can flow underneath siding and behind window frames. Now instead of an annoyance, a hefty repair bill develops.

Mosquitoes, moss, and algae also grow from blocked gutters. Branches, leaves, and debris allow water to accumulate and pool. Once that happens, mosquitoes have a place to lay their larvae. Moss and algae have the components they need to thrive in a dirty, damp environment. 

Many owners have caused more damage when removing the gunk and debris themselves. Along with the risk of injury, there is the chance of damaging the gutters and the building itself.

Pro cleaners like Bailey Boys Services are experienced gutter cleaners. They save time and money at the same time. They clean gutters the right way – the first time. That allows the property manager to get out of the gutters and save time for what’s important. If gutters look like they need attention, click here to get a free quote started.


Carpet cleaning tempts the DIYer with machine rentals and gallons upon gallons of cleaning solution. Anyone who caves to the temptation soon realizes there’s more than meets the eye to cleaning a carpet with professional results. A monstrous stain removed today magically appears next week as if it never left. And a heavily trafficked and soiled carpet just laughs at attempts to scrub it clean. Many amateurs make matters worse by adding bleach or strong solvents.

A dirty carpet changes to a damaged carpet in the blink of an eye! When looking for Sacramento cleaning services for carpet cleaners, go directly to Bailey Boys Services. They have the know-how, solvents, and training to clean stains, grime and germs. Bailey Boys will get the cleanest clean possible from dirty carpets. Pro cleaners like Bailey Boys remove substances deep within the carpet’s surface that vacuums can’t remove.

Commercial managers have enough on their plates. Sacramento cleaning services such as pressure washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and carpet cleaning get the best results when done by the cleaning pros. Focus time where it should be and leave these commercial cleaning services to the trained personnel at Bailey Boys

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