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5 Huge Reasons You Need Solar Panel Cleaning Services This Fall

It’s a good idea to have your solar panels cleaned in the fall for many reasons. A fall cleaning can help your solar panels to look and function better, among other benefits. The spring and summer seasons can wreak a lot of havoc on solar panels, and a regular fall cleaning helps eliminate it all. Spring may be for cleaning inside your home, but fall is for hiring a company for solar panel cleaning services.  

Increase the Efficiency of Your Solar Panels 

When you get your solar panel cleaning services in the fall, you can eliminate a lot of the dirt and debris that have caused the panels to fall below maximum efficiency. Getting solar panel cleaning can help you get more from your panels and dramatically increase how much power you get from them. If you have commercial solar panels, getting fall cleaning for them can improve their performance by as much as 60%. You can make residential panels as much as 21% more efficient with a good cleaning. A deep clean  is the best way to get maximum efficiency from your solar panels, so don’t skip this vital step each fall. 

The fall is the season in which the most debris falls onto roofs. This makes it a necessary time to get all the leaves and other debris off the solar panels. You have solar panels to increase efficiency to your home and when they’re dirty, they simply won’t be able to work as well. A solar panel cleaning service can help them work better, ridding them of fall leaves that block sunlight or built-up droppings from migrating birds. Fall can undoubtedly make a big mess, so you must make sure they get cleaned up.  

Offset Less Sunlight 

During the fall season, the days are the shortest they are throughout the year. This means your solar panels take in less sunlight. To offset some of this loss of the sun, you need a  fall cleaning for your solar panels. You need as much sunlight as possible coming into your panels during these shorter days. Getting the panels cleaned will help that to happen.  With fall cleaning, your panels can get the most out of the little sunlight that they do get.  

Your Solar Panel Warranty 

When you get your solar panels installed, you get a warranty. There will be a few stipulations in your warranty to keep it valid throughout the contract period. Failing to keep up with those stipulations could void your warranty and cost you later. You likely have stipulations from the manufacturer of the panels and from the company that installed the panels.

One of the stipulations in those contracts is that the solar panels must be cleaned regularly. You also have to be able to provide proof of those cleanings. If you get a fall cleaning of your solar panels from a solar panel cleaning service, you can not only fulfill this stipulation but will have proof of it. This can come in extremely handy if there is a malfunction of your solar panels in the future.  

Make Solar Panels More Durable 

Solar panels have a thick type of glass on them that is highly durable. However, it can be damaged over time by several materials that can cause wear. If you have solar panels close to areas of pollution, such as airports, factories, or highways, the amount of pollution the panels will get is even higher than in other areas. Getting affordable solar panel cleaning can free them from the many types of debris that can cause wear. 

You may get sand grains, dust particles, and other environmental debris on your solar panels. If this isn’t cleaned away, it will create wear and tear over time. You might not notice anything at first, but the damage done to the panels over time can cause them to fail sooner and be less than efficient.  

Aesthetic Considerations 

In the fall the weather starts getting colder and those colder months tend to bring rain. This can leave thick layers of dirt on your solar panels as the water spreads the dirt and debris around. A lot will accumulate on your solar panels in the fall and winter, so it’s an excellent time to find a solar panel cleaning service near me to get it all washed away. No one wants to look at ugly layers of dirt on their home, which will undoubtedly build up throughout the year.  

When your solar panels are dirty, your home looks like it isn’t well cared for. This can be embarrassing when you have guests over, and it can be an eye sore to your neighbors. Keep the solar panels clean so that you, and all of your guests, can better enjoy the look of your home. 

Get Solar Panel Cleaning 

If you want your solar panels to look great and work at their highest efficiency level, you need solar panel cleaning services. Call Bailey Boys to get your free estimate for your solar panel cleaning and get started toward panels that look and function better. It’s the perfect time of year to get it done.



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