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Is It Safe To Get Power Washing Services In The Winter?

When you have outdoor areas that look dirty or grimy, you may know just how powerful it can be to transform those spaces with power washing services. Power washing is a great way to make outdoor surfaces look new and eliminate dirt, mildew, mold, and other substances clinging to the concrete, brickwork, or the home itself. You may have wondered whether you can get power washing services to clean your surfaces during the Winter.

In the Sacramento area, this is certainly done. When is the best time to power wash your house? When your home needs it. Don’t go without the power washing services you need just because it’s Winter. In Sacramento, you can power wash year-round since it rarely gets into freezing temperatures. If a cold snap puts the temperature below 32, the power washing will get postponed until the temperature rises. 

The Do’s of Power Washing in the Winter 

For the best results, many do’s and don’ts must be considered when power washing during the Winter. The first “do” is that attention must be paid to the expected temperature the day of and the night before power washing. No one wants their surfaces to freeze the night before power washing. 

Taking advantage of sunny times is another “do.” By power washing during the sunniest hours of the day, you will know that the area has time to dry. This will prevent water build-up that could freeze later. 

Another “do” is to wait for a day when it isn’t raining too hard to get the power washing services you need. If it’s sprinkling a little, there’s generally no problem with using a power washing service as long as the temperature is acceptable. However, most of Sacramento’s rainfall occurs during the winter months.

This can mean heavy rains, and it isn’t a good idea to do power washing when the rain is heavy. It isn’t a safe exercise in that weather and wouldn’t yield the best results. When heavy rains are forecasted, it’s best to postpone your power washing service until the rain lets up. 

The Don’ts of Winter Power Washing 

When you have your power washing service in the Winter, the cleaning chemicals often have to be more concentrated. The cleaning chemicals that are used can act differently at higher temperatures than they do at lower ones. When cleaning chemicals are used, it doesn’t work to ignore what the concentration should be during this time of the year. This may require some testing of them instead of simply loading them up. 

Don’t forget to pay close attention to the temperatures. When it’s cold out, anyone who does power washing has to have the proper clothing for the weather. If you decide to tackle this job yourself, you must have the appropriate clothing. Even though it doesn’t often get below freezing in Sacramento, it’s important to remember you’re still working with water in a cold environment.

The water you’re using can easily splash on you, only making you colder, so gear up. It’s essential that you are fully covered. You should be dressed in full winter gear, including a warm, waterproof jacket, boots, a hat, and waterproof gloves. This will help lower the risk of you getting too cold and possibly developing hypothermia. 

Don’t live with dirt, grime, and mildew on and around your home. You may have been living with the unsightly dirt for a while, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t do any harm. When dirt and mildew are stuck to your home or driveway, they can trap toxic substances that can affect anyone who comes near it. Mold can grow there, and pollen can get concentrated. It can cause itchy eyes and worse allergic reactions, and it’s a bad idea to have it if anyone in the household has asthma or other respiratory problems. 

Only take on the power washing job yourself if you are sure you can do it. Some people put off power washing because they aren’t sure they can do the job. Others will try it when they don’t have the physical strength and stamina for it. It’s a tough job, and getting a power washing service is a smart way to ensure it’s taken care of.

It keeps you safe from problems and gets the entire project done all at once instead of having to spread it out over weeks. Don’t keep your home looking undesirable- you want to keep your home looking good and making a good impression. Don’t keep your home looking dingy when high-quality power washing services are available to make it look great. Everyone wants to love their home, and a power washing service can help you love yours more.

If you need power washing services this Winter, let us do the dirty work for you. At Bailey Boys, we have the necessary gear and expertise to get the job done- even on cold days. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or just gearing up to host for the holidays, we’ll get your home’s exterior ready. If the outside of your home looks dirty, you don’t have to wait for Spring to clean it up. 

Let us help you ring in the New Year with power washing services.



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