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How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier 7 Easy Steps to Keep it Sparkling!

Sometimes, the dirtiest part of the home isn’t the part where people move around a lot, nor is it always the kitchen or the bathroom. Most of the time, hard-to-reach objects in the home are the victims of neglect — like the crystal chandelier.

The crystal chandelier can be the dirtiest object of any house for two reasons: first, dust always flies up, making anything hanging from the ceiling a collection point. Second, the chandelier can be difficult to reach for any purpose, let alone to clean it. 

Whether it’s a modern or round chandelier, cleaning it isn’t going to be easy, per se. However, it’s doable in a few simple steps! In this article, we’ll dig into the two best ways to clean crystal chandeliers. 

How to Quickly Clean a Chandelier

Let’s begin with the quickest method, which is cleaning the chandelier without taking it off the ceiling or disassembling it. For this, the must-have supplies include a duster, a large piece of cloth, smaller pieces of dry lint-free cloth, a step ladder, some distilled water, and alcohol. Some tape or anything that can cover the chandelier’s switch is also a must, just in case turning off the breaker isn’t an option. 

Here are the steps to follow for a quick chandelier cleaning:

1. Prep the Area Below the Chandelier

Whether you’re cleaning a round chandelier or a more geometric one, debris will fall off of the chandelier as you clean and collect on the floor below. Before you begin, cover the floor underneath the chandelier with a blanket or a large piece of cloth.

Prepping the area this way makes clean-up much easier. The larger the cloth, the better, as a large piece of cloth allows you to cover objects or pieces of furniture.

2. Turn Off the Breaker or Cover the Switch

This is a necessary step for the safety of the person cleaning the chandelier. If at all possible, turn off the breaker that powers the chandelier before you begin. If you can’t access the breaker for whatever reason, switch off the chandelier and cover the switch to prevent anyone from absentmindedly switching it on while you clean. 

There are many ways to cover the switch. Putting furniture in front of the switch is one, but for the best results, taping the switch down is a surefire way to prevent accidents.

3. Prepare the DIY Chandelier Cleaner Solution

The chandelier cleaner solution consists of distilled water and alcohol. The ideal ratio of rubbing alcohol to water is 1:4. For example, 250 ml of rubbing isopropyl alcohol needs to go into 1,000 ml (or 1 liter) of water.

This proportion prevents clouding the chandelier. The distilled water quickly dries the chandelier cleaner, preventing mineral collection or residue.

4. Position the Step Ladder Under the Chandelier and Don Gloves

The ladder must be at a height that doesn’t nudge the chandelier in order to prevent it from falling. After placing the ladder underneath the chandelier, it’s time to put on your gloves. Wearing gloves while cleaning the chandelier protects it from smudges and fingerprints. 

5. Use a Duster to Clear Out Webs and Dust

Over time, cobwebs and large clumps of dust will collect in many parts of the chandelier. Clearing them out is a two-step process. The first step is cleaning them using a duster, such as a feather duster.

6. Apply the DIY Chandelier Cleaner Solution onto the Crystal Chandelier

There are two ways to apply the chandelier cleaner solution. One way is to spray the solution directly on the chandelier. To do this safely, however, the chandelier needs to have no exposed wiring of any kind. Any drops or fluid particles that end up in sockets or receptacles can cause a spark.

If the crystal chandelier has exposed wires or cords, the safer way to apply the solution is with a cloth. Dampen a small piece of cloth with your DIY chandelier cleaner and wipe the chandelier clean by hand. This method might be slower, but it’s much safer. 

7. Wipe the Chandelier Dry

The chandelier cleaner solution dries well because of the proportion of alcohol to distilled water. However, there will still be damp spots. Feel free to wipe these areas dry with a lint-free cloth.

How to Deep Clean a Chandelier

The other way to clean a chandelier is to remove it from where it’s hanging. This method takes a relatively long time for most people. Nevertheless, this technique is the best for deep cleaning a chandelier. As a bonus, it’s safer, with the only sticking point being the removal of the chandelier. 

For this method of chandelier cleaning, follow these steps: 

1. Turn Off the Breaker

Removing the chandelier is only safe if there’s no current running through its light fixtures. Turning off the breaker before this is vital to avoid electrocution.

2. Remove Each Segment of the Chandelier 

It’s tempting to remove the chandelier in one go, but doing this will take more time and may lead to accidents. For safety’s sake, it’s better to remove one segment of the chandelier at a time.

3. Clean Each Segment

Using the same DIY chandelier cleaner from earlier, spray the crystals down. Dampening a piece of lint-free cloth and applying the solution is another way to clean the chandelier segments if they need a little more elbow grease.

This time, spraying the chandelier is risk-free because there’s no longer any danger of getting moisture into any ceiling outlets or wiring.

4. Dry Each Crystal or Prism with a Dry Lint-Free Cloth

After cleaning the chandelier segments or prisms, wipe off any solution droplets with a dry cloth. The cloth needs to be lint-free to prevent the reintroduction of dust or debris to the chandelier. 

Optional Step: Clean or Replace Light Bulbs

There’s a good chance that a reduction of brightness prompts chandelier cleaning. If this is the case, the reduced brightness may be the result of other factors not related to the cleanliness of the chandelier; it might just be the light bulbs. 

If the light bulbs work, cleaning them will result in more brightness after reinstalling the chandelier. Of course, replacing the light bulbs is a great way to prevent having to do it later on.

The Best Approach to a Crystal Clear Chandelier — Give Us a Call! 

Whichever approach you choose, chandelier cleaning will take time — maybe even your entire weekend. With this in mind, wouldn’t you rather hire a team of experts to handle it for you?

At Bailey Boys Services, we’ll clean just about anything in your home, from your round chandelier to your crystal chandelier. If you’re looking for a chandelier cleaner in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, drop the lint-free cloth and pick up the phone!

Contact us today for a professional chandelier cleaning that will make your home sparkle!



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