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5 Reasons It’s a Good Idea to Get Power Washing Services Before Listing Your Home

Anyone interested in selling their home knows they have to make it look as good as possible. Many  people concentrate on the interior and making sure it’s clean, but the cleanliness of the exterior also  makes a huge difference to buyers. Before a home is placed up for sale, it’s a good idea to get power washing services to make sure that it’s as clean as possible. A home that looks dirty can cause a lot of doubts in a  potential buyer’s mind, and cleaning it up can be highly beneficial in a number of ways.  

Give Curb Appeal a Boost With Power Washing Services

The housing market is a competitive one, and any house that stands a chance in this fast-paced  marketplace has to make their home stand out to buyers. A majority of buyers say that the first  impression they get of a home makes a big difference when home shopping. To give buyers that great  first look at a home, power washing can clean it up and make it look better.  

When the stairs, porch, sidewalk, driveway, patio, etc., are dirty, it makes the home look older and in  worse condition. When someone drives up to the home, everything they see needs to be in the best  condition possible so that the house feels inviting and will stand out in their mind. A home that doesn’t  look good on the outside, or looks dingy and old, may not even inspire the buyer to get out of the car to  see the rest of it. When it looks good, buyers that may not have been interested in it otherwise may  want to see the inside. To stay competitive, get it cleaned up.  

Show the Home Is Cared For 

When buyers see a home, they are looking at a lot more than the layout and the paint colors. They want  to see that the home has been well cared for. If it isn’t cared for on the outside, buyers will assume that  it isn’t cared for very well on the inside, either.  

There are a lot of systems in a home that have to be kept in good condition, and until a home inspection  is done, one of the ways that people decide whether a home is in good condition is how it looks. When  the outside is covered in grime, milder, and even mold, they have to assume that the internal  components weren’t taken care of as well as they should’ve been. It also shows that there may be a  number of hidden problems that are hiding behind all the dirt and debris. Buyers want transparency,  and that starts with a good cleaning of the home.  

Get Better Photos 

These days, the transaction often begins online when buyers see a home in a listing and decide to go  and visit it in person. That initial interaction with the listing is extremely important to attracting buyers.  It’s important for the pictures to be as good as they can be to appeal to a broad range of potential  buyers. To appeal to the most people, the outside needs to look stunning in the photos. Getting power  washing will clean up the exterior so that the pictures make it look just as good as it looks in person. It’s  been found that great pictures of a home will lead to it selling faster on average. As many as 99% of 

millennial home buyers look online at homes, as well as a high percentage of other generations, so the  photos are of the utmost importance.  

If the outside of the home is grimy, there’s not much that the photographer can do to make it look  better. Before the home is listed, it’s a good idea to get the home power washed so that excellent  photos can be taken of it for the online listings. If there are a few comparable homes that are for sale,  power washing can make the difference between those listings and the impression they make on  people. 

Make the Home Healthier and Allergy-Friendly 

Sellers have to live in their homes until they are sold, and with power washing they can live in a  healthier home. When grime gets stuck to the outside of a home, it can trap a number of allergens there. This can cause people n the household to sneeze, cough, get stuffy, and have eyes that water. It’s  much healthier for a home to be cleaned of all of those allergens for everyone’s health.  

This is also important for buyers who may have allergies. If going into a home makes them sneeze and  cough, they aren’t likely to stick around in a home that makes them feel unwell. They may wonder  whether there’s mold in the home, water damage, or other problems with the home itself. With power  washing, pollen and even mold are cleaned away from the surface for a healthier building for everyone  to be in.  

Increase the Value of the Home 

With an uncertain market for homes that can be hard to sell in, it’s important for home sellers to get as  much for their home as possible. This often means that there are some investments to be made into the  way the home looks in order to make it look and perform better. When a homeowner invests in power  washing for their home, it can increase the amount that the home is worth. The price that a seller can  command for their home has a lot to do with its condition. If it’s in great condition, and it looks that  way, it can be worth more than if it were grimy and didn’t look well cared for.  

If the home has a lot of outdoor areas such as porches and patios, it’s especially important to get them  all cleaned up so that people will see the value of those areas. A grimy patio can look like a liability  instead of a special feature. And, power washing services are far less expensive than a lot of  renovations that could be made or getting the home repainted. With a relatively low cost, it can do a lot  to increase the value of the home.  

When you’re ready to get your home power washed for better looks, health, value, and more, call on  Bailey Boys for residential power washing. They provide house pressure washing near me to make a  home look and photograph better. 



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