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5 Window Cleaning Do’s & Don’ts for Homeowners

Windows are an important aspect of completing a home. They can improve the appearance and value of a property. Windows bring light, warmth, and beauty into your homes. It allows natural light to enter the room and allows the residents of a home to enjoy the views of their surroundings and environment. Windows also help to keep the house cross-ventilated and stay protected from the elements. This is why they must be maintained and kept in perfect condition at all times.

One of the most crucial components of home maintenance is regular window cleaning. While window cleaning may appear to be simple, there are several factors to consider to effectively clean your windows. We’ve compiled a list of expert recommendations to help you brighten your home and achieve a crystal-clear finish when cleaning your windows.

Here are some window cleaning suggestions and do’s and don’ts.

Do Clean Interior and Outside of Your Windows

Inside windows are easier to clean than outside windows, not just because of their location, but also because they are not quite as exposed to dirt and debris. When cleaning outdoor windows, things are a little different because there are more powerful elements involved. Weather conditions can have a significant impact on the cleanliness of your windows, ranging from snow and rain to dust and drying. Furthermore, the smoke produced by vehicle combustion will impact outside windows. These extreme factors can leave the windows with the most difficult dust and watermarks.

Cleaning the exterior of your window may require strong cleaning products and equipment. Depending on how much cleaning needs to be done, we recommend hiring professional window cleaners, especially if there are factors that could make cleaning more difficult, such as bee or hornet nests or broken window screens that prevent you from finishing the job.

If You’re Cleaning the Whole House, Don’t Start With the Windows

It’s advisable to clean the windows last if you’re performing a general cleaning throughout your home. While you’re cleaning the entire house, the dirt and debris from various parts of the house will be filtered and trapped in your windows. Due to their design, windows are prone to collecting dust and debris. The corners, edges, and frames of windows are known to collect dirt. As a result, you will save time and energy by not having to clean the same area twice.

If you have scheduled services for your homes, such as construction, remodeling, or painting, make sure your windows are covered; if not, wait until the services are completed and clean the whole house before cleaning your windows.

Do Some Research About Your Local Water

Learning about your local water source is important to avoid hard water stains. Hard water deposits are common in areas where local water percolates through deposits of limestone, chalk, or gypsum which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates, and sulfates. These microscopic particles of minerals build on the windows’ glass and cause white circles, discolor, and difficult-to-remove stains that seem unsightly and dirty. 

Hard water stains and mineral deposits can be extremely difficult to remove, and you may risk breaking your windows’ glass while attempting to scrape and clean. It is important to consider hiring window cleaning services and having a professional clean the windows for you.

Don’t Clean Windows on a Sunny Day

If you’re going to clean your windows, you should check the weather forecast first. You should avoid cleaning your windows on hot, sunny days. This mistake may appear unusual, but most window washers are aware of it. The sun can make window cleaning more difficult. The heat will force the glass to dry too rapidly, resulting in smears that will undo all of your hard work. The heat of the sun will also cause streaking on the window glass. As a result, you’re better off cleaning your windows while the weather is cloudy. This weather allows you to wait a little longer for the lather to dry.

Do Use Proper Window Cleaning Supplies

On the market, there is a multitude of window cleaning solutions and supplies, and the choices might be confusing. We’re here to assist you in selecting the best products for cleaning your windows.

  • Cleaning Solution: You can make your DIY cleaning solution by mixing water and dishwashing liquid. You can also buy glass cleaning solutions.
  • Spray Bottle: Place the cleaning solution in the spray bottle to make it easy to spray every region of the window while cleaning.
  • Squeegee: Squeegees with a stable rubber blade are used by professionals. Cleaning using squeegees leaves no streaks and takes much less time.
  • Scrubber or Sponge: This allows you to use window cleaner to remove dirt and grime from the surface by washing and wiping it away.
  • Lint-free rags or towels: Type of cleaning fabric that produces no fluff when used. Because the cloth is lint-free, it is less prone to build up a charge.

Don’t Use Newspaper To Clean Windows

The newspaper has a reputation for being effective at cleaning windows due to its great absorbency. It is claimed that newspapers absorb the liquid rather than simply pushing it about. Furthermore, unlike other towels, newspapers are readily available, inexpensive, and do not leave traces of lint or fluff. However, newspapers are not recommended by professional window cleaners. Chemicals in today’s newspaper inks can harm your windows in the long run. These have ink and other toxic chemicals which can damage your windows and make them filthy. While ink does not adhere to glass, it does adhere to fibrous and shiny surfaces. Newspapers can easily ruin your window frames, especially if they’re attractive white ones.

Do Clean From Top to Bottom

When you think of window cleaning, the first thing that comes to mind is spraying the cleaning solution on the glass and wiping it away with a towel or rag. However, if you want a streak-free window or mirror, clean it from top to bottom. Because the cleaning solution has the potential to drip, take advantage of gravity and let the cleaner drip into areas you haven’t yet cleared. Apply a window cleaning solution and wait for it to set before moving on. Then, using a rag or sponge, distribute the solution evenly across the window’s surface. Scrape away any stubborn dirt streaks or marks with a scraper if necessary. Begin at the top and work your way down to ensure that no drops occur on the already flawlessly clean glass surfaces.

Don’t Look at Your Windows From a Single Angle

You should get into the habit of glancing at your window from various angles while washing it, especially while using the squeegee and drying it. This can be aggravating and difficult at first, but professionals practice this habit to perfectly clean the windows the first time. If you don’t look at your windows from different angles while cleaning and drying, there will be sections and patches that are unclean and visible from different perspectives. If you simply focus on one perspective while drying the window straight on, there’s a good possibility you’ll notice unpleasant streaks and smudges when you take a step back and look at the window from another angle.

Do Hire Professional Window Cleaners

The goal of hiring a professional window cleaner is to make your life easier while also getting better results. One of the biggest advantages of having your windows professionally cleaned is that they will be cleaner and clearer than they would be if you did it yourself. Professionals have the necessary experience, knowledge, cleaning materials, and equipment to thoroughly clean your windows without harming or destroying them. They are also knowledgeable about various types of windows and can successfully operate on them to assist extend the life of the windows. Hiring professional window cleaning services will allow you to save money. You won’t need to purchase any equipment, which eliminates the risk of overbuying or purchasing incorrect items.

Don’t Risk Your Safety

Cleaning windows can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. It can be risky if you don’t have the correct equipment and experience. When cleaning your windows, you’re likely to utilize a ladder, which is naturally risky. Many elements and risks can hurt you, especially if you’re cleaning the outside windows. This can put you at risk of a fall and increase your chances of breaking windows. You should also consider how to protect yourself from harsh chemicals used in cleaning windows.

As a result, you will be healthier and safer if your windows are professionally cleaned. You won’t have to climb ladders, work with hazardous cleaning supplies, or maneuver around tricky spots to clean each window thoroughly if you hire professional window cleaners. Professionals have the necessary training and experience to avoid accidents and injuries.

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