Serving Sacramento Since 2005



Brad and Scott Bailey, AKA “THE BAILEY BOYS”, were born and raised in Fair Oaks, California. Both boys began washing windows at a 
ripe young age.

In 2005, Brad’s American dream of becoming a small business owner became a reality when he started a window washing company. The company was called Bailey Window Washing. The business grew and grew over the next seven years. In 2012, Brad’s older brother, Scott, joined the company. The two brothers renamed the business, BAILEY BOYS SERVICES. The name seemed fitting given the fact that the brothers come from a family of four boys. Brad and Scott have carried on the legacy of having boys in their own families. Between the two families, there are seven boys and two girls. Fair Oaks seems to be brimming with the new generation of “Bailey Boys”!

BAILEY BOYS SERVICES has been serving the Sacramento area since 2005. Both brothers love their community and they love what they do. The company is committed to providing their customers with quality services that include:

Sparkling windows, Gleaming gutters, Shining solar panels, Spic and span pressure washed surfaces, and Crisp clean carpets. The Bailey families look forward to serving your family.

Brad and Scott Bailey Owners Bailey Boys Services 650 × 580