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Investing in solar panels was a smart move on your part. You saw an opportunity and seized it. You saw the savings over the long-term and how much better the environment would be if more people were using them. Solar panels are indeed a great investment but in order to get the most from that investment, it’s important to take proper care of your panels. Solar panel cleaning is important for your solar panels to operate at top performance.

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Satisfied Customer Reviews On Google and Facebook!
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Why Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned?

Remember, there were reasons why you installed your solar panels. The number one reason people install solar panels is to reduce or get rid of their extremely high energy bills. If you live in an area with an average amount of sun on most days, you’re in a prime location for these savings with solar panels.


Another major reason for installing solar panels is to help the environment. When you use solar panels, you’re deriving clean, pure energy from the sun. This combats many of the environmental issues, unlike traditional electricity sources. Renewable energy sources like solar panels can also improve public health.


Regardless of your primary reason for installing solar panels, they won’t benefit you much without regular solar panel cleaning. Solar panels are not much different from anything else you purchase new. Regardless of what it is, if you’ve had it and used it long enough you will begin to notice a lack of appeal. The same holds true for solar panels. They’re shiny and new when you first have them installed, but after a while, they lose that shiny appeal and lack the luster that they once had. That’s because they become prone to the effects of nature, like dust, bird poop, and other substances and debris that routinely attack them.


But it’s not only the look. It’s the performance. If you want the best performance from your solar panels, you have to take care of them, as with anything else in your home. Here are reasons to utilize solar panel cleaning services.

Why Solar Panel Cleaning With Bailey Boys?

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Client Testimonials

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Satisfied Customer Reviews On Google and Facebook!
Terri Cox
Terri Cox

And cleaned all shutters and really did a great job! And they really look great! My husband was very impressed

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daniel wright
daniel wright

Great service… thank you for the wonderful job.

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Harvey Eastman
Harvey Eastman

Wonderful service and did a great job. Showed up on time and were very nice workers.

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Solar Panel Cleaning Near Me

Bailey Boys Services Services has served Sacramento and the surrounding areas since 2005. When it comes to your solar panels, it’s best to have them cleaned by a professional. We can keep your solar panels clean, allowing them to operate at peak performance for maximum efficiency. This will extend the life of your solar panels and maximize your investment. 

Bailey Boys Services is family-owned and operated and is committed to providing you with the utmost quality and service. Our solar panel cleaning has received rave reviews from many customers. 

Increase Your Solar Panel Efficiency With Bailey Boys Solar Panel Cleaning Services

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Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Knowledge

Solar panel cleaning requires professionals who understand the techniques that come with the task. Not anyone can climb to the roof and clean your panels. Climbing on top of the roof can be dangerous and if not done correctly, cleaning solar panels can lead to potentially other dangerous outcomes like electrocution or falling. Additionally, cleaning solar panels requires more than just soap and water. They’re very delicate and can easily become damaged if mishandled. Bailey Boys Services has the proper equipment and are able to properly use techniques needed when you utilize their solar panel cleaning services.


Solar panels are conveniently out of the way and often not seen by those in the home. It’s so easy to forget about them. Bailey Boys Services will ensure your solar panels are never an afterthought making them a priority so you can focus on the other needs of your home.


Contact Bailey’s Boys Services to learn more about their solar panel cleaning or to get started today.

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Let us help you maintain your Solar Panel Efficiency.

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