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Crystal Chandelier Cleaning – Do’s & Don’ts!

A chandelier is a welcoming and elegant way to express a homeowner’s style. These exquisite light fixtures provide a beautiful focal point to any room. When guests enter the room, the oohs and ahhs make the investment worthwhile. That is, assuming crystal chandelier cleaning happens regularly.

If dust and cobwebs are spotted, it won’t matter how much money a crystal chandelier costs. That image conveys quite a different emotion. Modern chandeliers incorporate many more shapes besides the traditional teardrop crystals. And fixtures contain many types of materials. Some of these trends make chandelier cleaning a bit difficult for a novice. Read on to learn six dos and don’ts to incorporate into a crystal chandelier cleaning regimen, including cleaning tips from the pros.

6 Don’ts For Crystal Chandelier Cleaning

At first glance, it wouldn’t appear that cleaning a chandelier is a problematic endeavor. After all, it’s just cleaning, right? While chandelier cleaning is not technical, there are common pitfalls to avoid when performing the task.

Don’t Forget About Safety

Safety is the first step to cleaning a crystal chandelier. And the primary safety tip not to forget is to shut off the power to your chandelier before cleaning. So many people leave the lights on, thinking the light will illuminate the dust and smudges they want to remove. A person may plan to avoid hot bulbs during the cleaning process, but one careless move of the arm results in a nasty burn. The heat may even startle someone to recoil so fast that it causes a stumble or a fall from the ladder.

Once the power is off, allow the bulbs enough time to cool down. Ensure they are cool to the touch before handling. 

Take an extra step and tape the switches in the “off” position. It’s not worth the safety risk of restoring power in the middle of the task and startling the cleaning person. And since the chandelier is no longer a light source, plan on having an alternate lamp in the room.

Don’t Keep Your Chandelier Covered

It sounds like it makes sense to cover a chandelier that’s not used frequently. That would eliminate dust and dirt from settling, making the cleaning process all but moot. Yes and no. Covering a chandelier saves it from becoming a dust magnet, sure. But how many people will forget about the cover when walking into the room? Flipping the switch is an instinct that runs the risk of starting a fire faster than imagined—one mistake risks fire damage or worse.

Don’t Use The Wrong Cleaning Solutions Or Materials

Cleaning your crystal chandelier is no time for substitutions if stunning results are the goal. The obvious mistake to avoid is not to use abrasive cleaners or any solutions containing ammonia or alcohol. Not only are they prone to leaving streaks, but they could also tarnish or discolor the finish of the chandelier fixture. Modern chandelier designs incorporate brass, iron, and other metals that require specific cleaners.

Don’t use a sponge or brush when cleaning the crystals in soapy water. These tools are rough enough to scratch the crystals.

Don’t Attempt If The Ceiling Is Too High

Many crystal chandeliers hang at a step-ladder height. Options are available with pulley systems that lower the fixture when cleaning is needed. Call a professional crystal chandelier service like Bailey Boys Services if this isn’t the case and an appropriate ladder is unavailable.

Don’t Clean Before Dusting

Regular dusting is part of routine chandelier cleaning. Perform a good dusting before a deep clean. Use a feather duster, lambswool, or a microfiber cloth. Brush off cobwebs and dust to make cleaning easier.

Don’t Leave Ladder In A Fixed Position

A common mistake is to leave the ladder stationary and rotate the chandelier instead. Twisting or turning damages and weakens the supports leading to breakage or the entire fixture falling. Take the time to reposition the ladder safely to position it in the right spot.

6 Dos For Crystal Chandelier Cleaning

Here are six tips to make crystal chandelier cleaning an easier process.

Prepare Your Workspace

Move furniture or accessories from the area. Place a large, heavy blanket or comforter under the chandelier. The extra cushion softens the blow if a piece falls during cleaning and catches any drips from the solution. Position a height-appropriate ladder slightly off-center from the chandelier.

It is helpful to wear an apron with pockets. Put cleaning solution and microfiber cloths in pockets to keep hands free. Needlenose pliers will help loosen any stubborn fittings.

Dust Regularly

Dust crystal chandeliers weekly. Make this the first item dusted in the room, so particles fall to the floor. Vacuum up afterward.

Pad Sink With A Towel To Prevent Breakage

Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to a large tub or sink. Then line the basin with a towel. The additional padding prevents accidental chips and scratches while cleaning the crystals. 

Use Non-abrasive Cleaners And Cloths

If removing all crystals, it’s best to use warm water in a padded sink with a few drops of dishwashing detergent. A solution of 1 part isopropyl alcohol to 4 parts distilled water is added to a spray bottle when cleaning an intact chandelier. Always use a microfiber cloth and dry with a separate cloth. Cloth gloves reduce fingerprint smudges when reattaching the crystals.

Take Pictures Before Removing Crystals

Unless someone has a photographic memory, a picture “map” is a good idea to restore each crystal to its proper placement.

Check Fastener Loops And Replace Bulbs

Crystal chandelier cleaning is a large chore. For that reason, multi-tasking accomplishes several time-consuming tasks at once. Check the screw loop to make sure it is tight. Now is also the ideal time to replace the bulbs as well.

When In Doubt, Call The Pros!

The easiest and safest way to restore the sparkle to lighted crystals is to use a professional chandelier cleaning service like Bailey Boys ServicesClick here to schedule a call.



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