Is Roof Pressure Washing a Good Idea?

Your roof is one of the most critical assets of your home. Just a slight crack will mean colder nights, more humid summers, and a lot of moisture inside your home. That’s why we always recommend that homeowners like you should periodically invest in maintaining it. One way to do that is through roof pressure washing.

But is it really a good idea? While this method has real benefits for your roof, pressure washing requires absolute caution and competence for anyone doing it. If you don’t think you have the patience to be safe or, more importantly, have the skills to do it, we recommend that you stay away from roof pressure washing.

Don’t worry, though. There are more accessible alternatives that you can take to maintain your roof, and we’ll discuss them all in more detail later.

However, if you’re still thinking about roof pressure washing, then here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

What Is Roof Pressure Washing?

Before delving into the pros and cons, we first need to understand pressure washing.

Pressure washing uses highly pressurized water to remove elements from the root, such as dust, paint, mold, algae, and other dirt. This process uses equipment like a mechanical pressure washer that can expel gallons of water per minute. However, good pressure washing services like Bailey Boys will use adjustable pressure cleaners when dealing with your roof.

Roof pressure washing is best applied on hard surfaces like asphalt shingles. Even then, pressure should be adjusted regularly to ensure no damage to the roof’s surface. However, suppose your roof is built with lighter materials like wood or acrylic. In that case, you need to reconsider if you want roof pressure washing.

Bailey Boys Services offers excellent pressure washing services in Sacramento that ensure your roof is safe from damage, no matter its materials. Our roof experts will take care of your roof and advise you what’s the best course of action to maintain your roof’s tip-top shape or restore it to its former beauty.

So, what exactly does roof pressure wash entail? As promised, here are the pros and cons that you need to read:

Pro: It Can Extend Your Roof’s Life. Fast.

Like any roof maintenance method, pressure washing can extend your roof’s life by removing numerous harmful elements. It can remove algae, mold, dirt, sediments, and lichen that contribute to the deterioration and discoloration of your roof.

Since pressure washing removes buildups and debris, you extend your roof’s life for years and preserve the shingles or any material made out of your roof. One distinct feature of roof pressure washing is its convenience and speed in eliminating dirt and other elements. Unlike other methods, pressure washing is faster. Furthermore, this method can be done anytime since a mechanical pressure washer is easily accessible for any homeowner. In fact, you can just go inside a hardware store and buy yourself a machine, and you’re good to go.

If you’re the type that wants to clean their roof fast, then pressure washing is for you. It does not require heavy labor, and you can achieve an immaculate roof in just one day.

Nobody likes a poorly-maintained roof. We recommend that you do roof pressure washing every year to keep your roof nice and free from all sorts of debris.

Con: Roof Pressure Washing Can Accelerate Deterioration

As we said before, roof pressure washing is highly dependent on roof materials. If it’s light enough to fail to withstand high pressure, then it’s not only dirt and debris that you’ll eliminate. Maybe even parts of your roof if you’re not careful. So, keep this in mind if you’re planning to pressure wash the roof. High-pressure water can severely damage your roof’s surface and allow moisture to seep in, accelerating the process of deterioration which leads to more expensive repairs. Also, pressure washers can void roof warranties which means that any damage on your roof will lead to costly repairs that will no longer be covered by them.

A deteriorated roof can compromise your home’s interior as outside elements like wind and rainfall can enter your home through the cracks.

Pro: Pressure Washing a Roof Does Not Require Chemicals

You won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals on your roof since you’ll just use a pressure washer to blast all the debris away. This method is perfect for anyone that wants to keep their house safe from any harmful chemicals, including roofs. Also, because no chemicals are involved, roof pressure washing is safe for the environment, unlike other roof cleaning methods.

One other concern when cleaning your roof is the extra effort you need to exert to cover your flower beds against chemicals. Pressure washing eliminates this extra work and makes the job easier for everyone.

Con: It’s Not Safe for DIY Roof Cleaning

While roof pressure washing is great, whether you can do it on your own is still unanswered. The short and honest answer is: no. You can’t safely do pressure washing without the help of roof cleaning professionals. Actually, only roof cleaning professionals are guaranteed to conduct pressure washing without risking injuries and without damaging your roof tiles.

These risks are primarily a result of the high-pressure jets of water from the machine you’re using. It’s best if you let the professionals handle the job for you.

At Bailey Boys Services, we guarantee that you and your property will remain safe as we expertly clean your roof from its debris.

What Can You Do? There Are Alternatives

What if you’re really committed to DIY roof cleaning? There are safe and easy ways to maintain your roof without using a pressure washer, which include:

Soft Washing

Soft washing is a more popular method, even employed by roof professionals. This is because soft washing does not damage your roof with jets of highly-pressurized streams of water. Instead, it relies on non-toxic solutions to rub the dirt off your roof. You can remove algae, mold, lichen, and sediment buildups, just like how roof pressure washing could.

The only drawback of this method is that it takes a longer time to clean your roof compared to pressure washing. But that’s understandable. Your roof is made with delicate materials that are easily damaged if not handled properly. Therefore, you also need to employ delicate methods to maintain it.

Using Non-Damaging Equipment

Other alternatives include using a leaf blower or a garden nozzle to clean your roof. Of course, leaf blowers are used if you only want to remove leaves and other superficial debris from your roof. You can use a garden nozzle if stains on your roof can be easily removed by a chemical solution. These are great options if you’re looking for fast and easy ways to maintain your roof without damaging its integrity.

Hiring Professional Pressure Washing Services

Your last resort is, of course, getting the help of roof cleaning professionals. There are actually instances where roof pressure washing is the only option you have. Whether you’re running out of time or have encountered stubborn elements on your roof, pressure washing can be the only option you have.

That’s why the Bailey Boys always include pressure washing in their exterior home cleaning services.

Our pressure washing services are so good that your neighbors will think you got your roof replaced.

The Best Sacramento Pressure Washing Service

Suppose you’re looking for a reliable, community-based pressure washing service. In that case, the Bailey Boys Services is the perfect solution for you.

Contact us today and learn how our pressure washing services can safely and effectively clean your roof.


Bailey Boys Services of Sacramento is a family owned and operated company with a commitment to providing service of the most exceptional quality, and we are always accepting new clients. Give us a call at (916) 863-1939 to start discussing what we can do for you!



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